Lyle Hopkins

Squad Training

Squad training is intended for those that want to focus and improve on their sparring skills and those that are looking to compete.

We have been running dedicated 3hr squad training classes on select weekends. Ask in class for details.

All participants must understand that sparring in club is for the purpose of helping each other become better fighters. It's not a contest with winners and losers. Tournaments are a contest.

The certificate syllabus system allows you to focus skills and techniques directly relating to sparring, such as Ducking and Weaving, Movement, Blocking, etc. There are sparring certificates which are hard to attain as you must demonstrate that you can use techniques naturally in sparring.

Ultimately if you are dedicated enough to be selected to be a part of the Fighting Spirit KickBoxing squad you will have the opportunity to travel to different tournaments around the country and potentially around the world.


Those that are looking to compete are encouraged to join in our squad training and when capable given the oportunity to compete in up coming tournaments. This page will be updated with club members wins.

Lyle Hopkins