Lyle Hopkins


Our unique syllabus concept is the core of FSKB. For years martial arts students have been tormented having to learn skills and techniques they don't want or will simply never use to achieve their next grade. FSKB is different. Our unique certificate system allows you to shape your own martial art style. If you don't want to learn kata's then you can skip that certificate, if you don't want to do conditioning you don't have to do that one. Each certificate is worth a number of points depending on the level and content of the certificate (most basic level certificates are worth one point). The table below lists the current basic level certificates. New certificates are added as our instructors knowledge and skills increase.

Certificate Points Reg
Punching 1  
Kicking 1  
Blocking 1  
Ducking & Weaving 1  
Conditioning 1  
Breaking 2  
Katas 2 Basic Punching & Kicking
Movement 1  
Sparring 4 Basic Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Movement, D&W
Stamina 1  
Strength 1  
Street 1 Basic Punching & Kicking
Self Defense 1 Basic Punching & Kicking
Grappling 1  
Nunchaku 1  

Students are also awarded certificates for competing in competitions, these certificates also count toward your grade.

Milestone Points
1st tournament 1
5th tournament 1
10th tournament 2
20th tournament 4
1st win 2
5th win 4

Higher level certificates earn more points (most intermediate certificates are worth 2 points). Below is a breakdown of the various grades and points required.

Belts Points Req Points Increase Certificates Req
Red 2 2 Basic Punching
Yellow 4 2  
Orange 8 4 Basic Kicking
Green 12 4  
Blue 18 6  
Purple 24 6  
Brown/White 32 8 Int Punching/Kicking
Brown/Red 40 8  
Brown/Black 50 10  
Black 60 10 Adv Punching/Kicking